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Bad Economic Times

January 28, 2009

Although times might seem tough we have to remember one thing, our grandparents and great grand parents have survived the depression. During the 30’s there were not as many job opportunities as we have today. We have to thank our lucky stars that we do have it a lot better than they did. Also, we have various industries to choose from. Although the job market is tough, we have seen this ourselves during the early 1990’s. We were able to overcome that recession as well.

Let’s keep our chin’s up and keep stepping and moving forward. As the old saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way!”


Online Marketing is on the Rise!

January 24, 2009

We have seen an increase in Online Marketing from companies who are finding it harder to sustain business outside the World Wide Web. A decade ago, most people would have stated that the .com era and Online Marketing are dead. The dot com boom it never left. In fact, the amount of business on the web is increasing by the day. It is up to the online professionals to not only help these companies, but to take part in helping out our economy. It is vital as a nation to take a stance and bring companies on the web with open arms.

This stance creates opportunities on both ends. Hopefully we can all work together to fight job loss and create growth where needed!

Web Marketing in 2009

January 24, 2009

More and more businesses are jumping on board to the web. From large corporations to small business, companies are acknowledging the power of web marketing. Although our economy is struggling, the online world continues to grow. Online marketing is growing fast and billions are being spent as we speak. We need to help strengthen our economy by bringing more business online.