Web Development and Marketing During Economic Crises

Online business is growing

E-commerce is growing rapidly. Web marketing and development are part of this growth. More consumers and businesses are not familiar with web development and how search engine marketing works. In order to be found on the web, companies have to optimize (the use of key words and phrases) their site as well as other various pay for advertisements on the web. Most web developers apply optimization in their sites. During this economic crunch, the retail industry is slowing down. In fact, layoffs are taking place and employees are taking a hit. The online world however, is continuing to grow. That is because consumers are looking for ways to cut cost and spending on goods and services. Online retailers can provide such services with low overhead and drop ship opportunities.

Not only is the web a place people can bargain hunt, but it can also provide laid off employees a way to re-think the ways in which they work. More and more companies are looking to hire in the online industry for similar positions that are offered in the bricks and mortar type business. With Globalization on the rise and other countries competing for jobs in the world economy, US workers have to adapt to these changes and take part. Education and promotional awareness should take place.

We help companies strive in the online world. Our web developers and designers can provide years of experience in Web Marketing and apply our knowledge to your company web site. We want to see more companies succeed online.

Globalization and Our EconomyWith more and more companies outsourcing jobs overseas, workers are finding it harder to earn decent wages within their country or region. Fair trade or Free Trade is changing the way in which we work. Most workers don’t realize that they are competing abroad.Workers and companies should understand the importance of the web and how the Internet has brought us all closer together. The world has gotten smaller and we are able to communicate and work across borders. We need to move in the direction of the economy. For now, the economy is moving around the globe, whether we are ready or not!


Effective web design and internet marketing for exceptional online experiences.

If you are doing business on the Internet, it is important to know and understand the importance of high search engine rankings. Web promotion requires a great deal of time and expertise. We can increase traffic to your site significantly, but it must be designed properly. Our goal is to create a powerful focused resource site that ranks high on the Web and Search Engines, while containing valuable and compelling content.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Marketing Strategy Techniques




Define business goals:

Short term, temporary traffic or Paid placement

Control over which pages are indexed

What are your long term, continually growing traffic

Set goals that will determine the best approach for Search Engine Strategies


Paid Placement

We will help your business to understand the concepts of, sponsored listings, keywords paid placements, and how affective each will be. ROI measurement is a critical part in our services. Paid Placement is an ongoing effort and should be beneficial for both the company and the user.


Other Paid Placement:

Selecting when your ad campaign changes is crucial. Timing is important to the success of the ad.

Knowing when an ad should be targeted is part of our Multivariate testing techniques.

Choosing the exact match and phrase can make or break the campaign.




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